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・ For opinions and requests regarding the city administration, please use the "Proposal from me to Kobe City" system.

Inquiries to City of Kobe

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Advisory Regarding Transmission of Contents

  • The person in charge may ask you about the content of your inquiry. Therefore, if you would like an answer, please enter your name and email address.
  • The entered personal information will be handled properly based on the personal information protection system of Kobe City.
  • For inquiries that cannot be handled by the general call center or that include specialized content, the response may be handed over to the department in charge or another call center entrusted by Kobe City.
  • Currently, we are prioritizing the response to the new coronavirus infection, so the response may be delayed. In addition, we have received a large number of opinions regarding measures against new coronavirus infections, and depending on the content, we may share it with the department in charge and then postpone individual answers.Please note.